The Passaic Olympics

The first ever Passaic Olympics. Join our live event on hangout & show support for both facebook and plus pages.

Passaic Olympics (g+)

Passaic Olympics (Fb)

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Through Adversities

Our Dream & Ambitions are captive to our belief  that we have a physical limitation, & by what other people opinion is of your dream. We are all afraid to fail. Or to be judged , Because there will be people that will criticize you and tell you how you not gonna make it no where. But by overcoming weaknesses and adversities we continue to be reminded , that we forge our path , & that nothing is impossible .
I hope that everyone that i know makes it to the top , reach beyond goals you could of ever imagined. Let's show them that even through adversities We can Make it . Never Give Up.

Create your own Omelet!

Build your own omelet, choose from a variety of meats & vegetables.


Meats: Salami, ham, bacon, sausage or pepperoni.

Vegetables: Green pepper, red pepper, banana pepper, onions, garlic, mushroom or spinach,

Other toppings: Corn, avocado, potatoes or cream cheese.

Each omelet creation comes with 2 slices of Toasts. Price may vary depending on toppings.

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What's Your Favorite Food? THIS IS A SURVEY I'M CONDUCTING #Comment !

Jelly spread toast with side


You have the option from a side of scrambled eggs, fry eggs, or an omelet. You can also choose between grape, strawberry or mango jam.
For an additional fee, substitute the toast with waffles, pancakes or french toast.

Online Commerce

Everything seems to be pointing in the direction of the internet. Probably more sooner than later, most commerce and business is going to be done through the internet. It is very easy to see the benefits of starting an online business rather than a traditional business. You´re going to be able to reach a more wide and targeted public. Advertising is much easier and more simple on the internet, their are many tools available to facilitate and help people establish and grow their businesses online. Everyone is connected, having the products and or services come to you is the way things are going to be headed.